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Welcome to Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment is Australian owned and operated business, which began supplying Materials Handling Equipment and Forklift Attachments in the late 1970s under the management of Mr. John Hill. In the 1990s, the company changed hands, with new Managing Director Mr. Keith Jackson taking over, a man with over 25 years experience in the manufacturing industry.
Over the years, we've continued to innovate, refining our products and expanding our product range.
Drum Handling Equipment has successfully supplied a range of products to some of Australia's highest profile Chemical, Mining and Manufacturing Companies.
All Drum Handling Equipments products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards. As we manufacture in house we have the flexibility to meet with our clients requirements wherever possible.
Inspection / Compliance
Drum Handling Equipment also offers an Inspection/Compliance service, where a compliance/rating plate has either been lost or possibly never existed. We are able to inspect, certify and provide a rating plate. In some cases a small amount of re-work is needed for the attachment to comply with Australian Standards.
Please call for more information regarding this service.